Plum Sustainable


It is the goal of Plum Vegan to provide its clients with the best quality product by supporting local businesses and farmers whenever possible and similarly, commit to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices throughout the course of everyday business.


We buy much of our organic produce from “The Last Organic Outpost” or the Emile Street Farm in the fifth ward. This is an amazing urban farm in the heart of the city in a part of Houston that is in desperate need of access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Plum Vegan picks the produce often the day of the event so everything is as fresh as possible!



Just a few examples of our commitment to sustainability

  • Sourcing as much fresh produce as possible from the Emile St Farm in the Fifth Ward
  • Editing the menus based on seasonal vegetables
  • Bike delivery whenever possible
  • Vegan Diet is most sustainable and environmentally conscious way to eat
  • Sourcing additional ingredients from local Farmer’s Markets
  • Zero Waste Vegan Lunch Delivery


There is nothing more sustainable than sourcing ingredients from a local farm in our very own city. Plum Vegan strives to support the Emile Street Farm as much as possible for the environmental reasons, but mostly because Plum Vegan believes in the excellent work that Joe Icet and the other farmers are doing for this spectacular urban farm! Not to mention that you will not find better, more flavorful ingredients anywhere else in Houston.